Futsala powered by ISL will follow the same structure, operations, training sessions and methodology from the Catalan Federation of Futsal. The season and programs are planned with different weekly, trimester and yearly goals. The main objectives are to create an impact on player development and teach what it takes to become a professional both on and of the field.

Academy Program

The Futsala Academy is aimed at player’s 4- 18 years old with varying levels of background experience from beginners to experts.  All of the players of this program will train 1 day per week in the fall and spring season.


  • Provide players with a supportive and positive environment.
  • Encourage regaining the ball as a productive part of the game, putting an emphasis on defending
  • Maximize active participation and minimize inactivity.
  • Build a strong foundation into rules of the game
  • Teach players to express themselves
  • Teach the values of teamwork
  • Learn the importance of communication and effective movement
  • Develops new ways to control the ball
  • Technical & Tactical understanding of the game


  • Ages 4 -18 Years
  • 1 Training Session Per Week
  • Direct pathway to Futsala Development Academy
  • Players are divided into teams by level and age
  • 1 Individual Report each season
  • Registration open to all
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Classes & Sessions

The Classes & Sessions program offers players the opportunity to continue playing during holidays.  The program is open to all and we ensure we will match the player and their needs to the right learning environment.   


  • Improve decision making, and the time it takes to make decisions
  • Apply the different skills depending on each situation of the game
  • Develop key educational habits and sportsmanship within a group of teammates and opponents.
  • Learn and improve specific cognitive and coordinative skills


  • Ages 4-18 Years Old
  • 1/2 Training Session Per Week
  • Access to external holiday futsal tournaments   
  • Players are divided into teams by level and age
  • Registration open to all
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Camp Program

Futsala powered by ISL puts on a number of camps throughout the year. Each of the camps are used as an opportunity to educate players both on and off the futsal court. They are all ran in a fun learning environment, encouraging the players to be creative.


  • Improve each and every players technical and tactical understanding of the game
  • Learn the Futsala values, and the European inspired play
  • Ensure the players have FUN whilst learning


  • Ages 4-18 Years (Ages vary with each camp)
  • Registration open to all
  • Full uniform
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